Published On: Rab, Okt 25th, 2017

Batu Kasah Beach, a Wonderful Tourism Destination In Natuna

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Suarakedaulatan. Com,  NATUNA-Batu KasahIMG_20171024_114621 is one beautiful Tourism Destination in Natuna regency with natural scenery of Giant granite which beautify the view of the Beach. Besides the fresh, clear And clean sea water.

Batu kasah is located In cemaga village, IMG_20171024_114349district of cemaga, Natuna regency. The visitors can use any land transportation from the capital city of Natuna and takes 40 minutes to get to batu kasah.

The visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of traditional huoses with many coconut trees a long the way to batu kasah.

As the visitor arrived In batu kasah, they IMG_20171024_114538will directly wittess the wonderful natural view of the Beach, as the waves hit the sand, and the wind blows gently.

This place is still managed by the land owner, they provide some facilities such as bathroom, cafetaria and rest area. If the visitors want to enjoy the night at the Beach and camping. They should bring their own camping, tent, etc.

Although the facilities provided is still limited, there are many local visitors risiting batu kasah at weekend.

The writer once asked one of the visitors of Batu Kasah, named Dela. This middle-aged woman said that Batu Kasah is very beautiful, the scenery provides the natural beauty of the beach, if the place managed and developed, it can be a modern and international tourism destination. The giant granite stones along the beach give unique view to Batu Kasah. Sunday, Oct 22, 2017. (Zl/Rh)

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